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  • TeelTech Wild PCS Chip-Off Class

    The new TeelTech Wild PCS Chip-Off Class provides students with a comprehensive education into performing forensics on BGA memory chips used in today’s mobile devices. Students graduating the class will gain core competencies in:

    • Properly Removing a BGA Chip from a Device
    • Handling and Preparing the Chip to be Read
    • Reading the Chip to Acquire the Data
    • Applying Tools and Techniques to Decode the Data
    • Practicals on the Chip-off process of a locked unencrypted Blackberry and then utilizing forensic software to recover the logical and physical data dump.
    The five-day class provides students with the skills required to properly remove a BGA memory chip from a mobile device, prepare the memory for a read, and use chip-reading equipment to acquire the data.

    One of the major benefits of this class is we do a lot of hands-on work on locked BlackBerries and show how to dump the data from a locked device. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from students who since class have had a lot of success with locked Androids of all types, as well. It’s well worth the time and investment!
    - Bill Teel

    Students will spend 2.5 understanding the structure of devices and best practices to prevent damage to a chip during removal and preparation. Understanding the difference between memory structures -from mobile device, to tablet, to SSD hard drive - and how chip-off can be utilized to acquire data from a growing number of devices - the class enables examiners to get a handle on the growing trend of BGA memory use.

    In the chip-reading portion of the class, students will learn the fundamentals of memory structure and how to utilize the tools available to read the memory off the chip. Students will get a complete hands-on experience beginning with an intact BlackBerry device loaded with data, and ending with the raw data acquired from the removed and read chip. Once the data is acquired, an education on how to best apply today’s tools and other techniques to decode the data follows.

    Students taking the Chip-off technique should possess advanced skills in data analysis and be comfortable working with raw data at the post-acquisition phase of the course.

    Instructor Bio:

    Bob Elder / Teel Tech - A recognized Expert in computer forensics, Det. Elder is an 20-year veteran police officer and currently serves as Detective for the Victoria Police Department in British Columbia, where he specializes in the forensic recovery of data from digital media from many devices. Det. Elder’s extensive experience in electronic media reaches back to the early 80’s, and has helped shape a career as one of the pioneers and foremost experts in the field of mobile device forensics.

    Currently, Det. Elder’s focus is on advanced physical data acquisition and analysis technology and techniques, using the latest tools and solutions available today. Det. Elder's passion in solving Law Enforcements barriers in recovering data from mobile devices has lead him to conduct research and development relating to advances techniques like Flasher Box, JTAG and Chipoff process to recover both logical and physical user data from mobile devices. In the Teel Tech Advanced classes Det. Elder teaches, he provides a comprehensive course that enables experienced examiners to learn how to use non-conventional tools like Flasher Boxes, JTAG technology and the Chipoff Process, along with today’s commercial solutions to get the most data from devices. Training also focusses on how to interpret this recovered data for use in providing evidence to the judicial process for Investigators.

    Always bringing the latest techniques to the forefront, Det. Elder has authored 3 classes (Flasher Box; JTAG; and Chipoff) that provide the mobile forensic examiners with the skills and knowledge required to remain at the front end of the mobile forensic field.

    Shafik Punja BSc, A+, CISSP, Network+, ACE, CCE, GFCE, GFCA. A police officer with the Calgary Police Service for over 15 years, Mr. Punja has been working in digital forensics since 2003, and has conducted digital forensic examinations on a wide variety of digital data storage devices and operating systems. In 2005, Mr. Punja began researching and developing analytical techniques for mobile devices and smart phone platforms, and has become an expert in the analysis BlackBerry, among other devices.

    Mr. Punja has been qualified in the Canadian legal system as an expert in the area of digital forensics numerous times, and has had the privilege of being invited as a guest instructor to assist in teaching the Cell Phone Seizure and Analysis Workshop (CSAW) for the Technological Crimes Learning Institute (TCLI) at the Canadian Police College, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 2008 and 2009.

    Mr. Punja is Teel Technologies’ resident smart phone expert, with a concentration on the Blackberry platform.

    Tom Yang + Dinyo Tang / Wild PCS - Wild PCS has been in the cell phone repair industry since 1998. During this time, Wild PCS has witnessed the full spectrum of growth in the cell phone industry, from crude portable telephonic devices used by a limited customer base to the widespread global use of tiny but sophisticated and powerful communication tools capable of transmitting photos, e-mails, and text messages and accessing the Internet. During this time, Wild PCS has remained at the forefront of cell phone repair, operating successful repair centers in Las Vegas, Nevada and Fresno, California, by responding to the exponential growth of complicated cell phone devices and providing repair services to both cell phone dealers and individual customers. Our vast experience has given us timely and unique expertise in the industry. As a natural extension of the repair services that we offer, in 2006, Wild PCS became the first company in the United States to provide training in cell phone repair. Our training programs, currently held in our Las Vegas location, are:

    • Taught by repair technicians who are certified by three of the major phone manufacturers in the wireless industry
    • Focused on providing practical hands-on real world learning that is immediately applicable
    • Enhanced by direct industry knowledge gained from Wild PCS’ extensive wireless vendor relationships
    • Based on first-hand knowledge derived from our successful Las Vegas and Fresno retail repair centers

    Please contact info@teeltech.com

    London / Cambridge UK*
    $6499.00 - 5 Days of Training
    INCLUDES: Wild PCS Toolbox for Device Repair / Disassembly

    * Minimum 10 Delegates