• 3g Forensics

  • Overview

    Overview of SIMIS 3G Features

    • Forensically safe - no facility for the modification of system or user data held on the SIM card.
    • Correctly handles PIN and PUK entry under controlled conditions.
    • Builds a database with unique file references for each SIM Card.
    • Search-able database with appropriate index categories.
    • Facility to read data from the SIMIS Mobile card interrogation unit.
    • Presents data in a printable format for reports.
    • Provides commented RAW data in a standard format for use in third party applications.

    The Search Engine

    The SIMIS3G database search engine, allows comprehensive searches to be made across all SIM cards data that have been interrogated. Searches can be carried out across the entire database, or can be narrowed down to things like a specific case reference, or a specific mobile number.

    A typical search would allow the operator to enter a mobile phone number and identify if that number was held in the ADN of any card previously interrogated - potentially opening up new lines of inquiry in investigations, or linking suspected criminals and networks together.

    What you get

    The SIMIS package is flexible, with a range of options available to suit your needs. Typically a SIMIS package consists of:
    • PC based software application
    • PC/SC Smart Card Reader (USB or Serial)
    • Mini-Sim Adapter
    • USB License Key
    There is also the option to use a PC Card (PCMCIA) Reader for laptops and notebooks.