• 3g Forensics

  • Installation

    Getting SIMIS up and running is very easy - SIMIS2.0 is shipped on the SIMTools CDROM.

    All of the SIMTOOLs products are supplied on a single CDROM. Your license key prevents unauthorised use of products on the CDROM that have not been purchased.

    Insert the CD-ROM and allow Windows auto-run to start the simtools application. If you have auto-run disabled, simple locate and run simtools.exe on the CDROM. After you've chosen the option to install SIMIS and run through the Installation Wizard, you can find the
    SIMIS 2 icon on your Desktop and in the Start Menu.

    The SIMTools CDROM contains all the data files, drivers and applications required to install and run SIMTools, plus a few additional items to quickly aid diagnosis of any installation issues.

    SIMTools products run under the Windows operating system, SIMTools is tested on Windows XP Pro SP3