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    Based in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA. Focused on the wireless world, Teel Technologies provides advanced analysis and enabling solutions to law enforcement, digital investigators, network operators and security professionals.

    Our Mission

    At Teel Technologies, our Mission is to provide the best tools for professionals tasked with investigating wireless devices, analyzing the network, or securing communications.

    We've partnered with the best solution providers to bring together a collection of tools that are proven in the field and used widely around the world. In each of our specialized areas, our unyielding credo of maintaining the highest level of integrity in our products enables our clients to have the utmost confidence in the tools they use. Likewise, we believe our business is only as good as the service and support we provide. We are committed to ensuring our customers are well taken care of.

    Please feel free to contact Bill Teel and his team at Teel Technologies. They're available from 9-5 (and then some) Eastern Standard Time.

    Teel Technologies
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    Web: www.teeltech.com

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