• 3g Forensics

  • Jammer Detector

    Jammer detect and report allows the user to identify active jamming of the GSM/GPRS/DCS network.

    Many alarm, security and life critical operations rely on the use of GSM mobile communications.

    Criminals and those intent on preventing time critical messages may use GSM Jammers to interfere with normal network operation.
    • Jammer! Detects and Reports active jamming as it happens.
    • Jammer! uses modifiable detection algorithms to identify active Jamming.
    • Provides a customisable Alarm output
    • Optional Visual display
    • Hand Held unit has Silent Vibrator mode

    • Jammer! will not locate the jamming device
    • Jammer! will not Jam/Block access to the network

    Jammer detect and report is a bespoke build, specific to client requirements.