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    Cell Monitor will enable you to establish the viability of a mobile telephone user's claims regarding their location at a specific time.

    What is Cell Monitor?

    Primarily designed to be used in a fixed or vehicle mounted environment, Cell Monitor gathers real time information related to the network coverage serving cells and sector data. Cell monitor is normally used in vehicles that travel through a GSM coverage area collecting data for analysis in relation to network coverage or to determine likely mobile location. In operation Cell Monitor registers with the network(s) of interest (currently up to 8 networks simultaneously) and begins sending information to an attached PC using a bespoke Windows based application supplied with the system. Under control of a bespoke application or third party software tools, the information can be plotted on a map to help visualise the quality of service at each location, to identify where hand-offs occur and to show where gaps in coverage exist.

    The Cell Monitor System functionality has been specified by leading forensic and law enforcement specialists, who have worked closely with us to determine both hardware and software specifications. Cell Monitor is in use and is relied upon as the primary source of data by leading forensic and law enforcement organisations in the UK. (details and references available on request)

    Cell Monitor contains a fully qualified GPRS transceiver and GPS engine, with bespoke firmware to allow third party interrogation of all available GSM GPRS and GPS data.

    Optional changes to its configuration will allow Cell Monitor to communicate data from a remote position through GPRS via IP to a dedicated server.

    Like all of our products, we manufacture the hardware and produce the firmware and software, Cell Monitor can be configured to provide you with the functionality required for your application.


    For example; you suspect that a person was using a mobile at a particular point in time, you confirm this belief by obtaining the call billing records form the network operator. With data recovered off air with Cell Monitor.

    It is possible to form an opinion as to the location of that person during the period of interest. When challenged, the person may claim to have been in location 'a', but with the knowledge gained by the use of Cell Monitor and the call billing records , you will place them in the vicinity of interest many miles away in location 'b'.

    Cell Monitor will enable you to establish the viability of a mobile telephone user's claims regarding their location at a specific time.

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    The Cell Monitor package consists of:
    • Hardware - 19" rack mount or Boot Mount
    • Software - Standard applications or client specific functionality
    • Operation Instruction - documentation and hands on training
    • Antenna system - covert, passive or active
    • Bespoke SIM cards (Optional, via Silcom Technologies Limited)
    • Calibration certificate (Optional)
    • Polar diagrams of antenna system performance. (Optional)

    Cell Monitor Fixed Mobile Installation