• 3g Forensics

  • SIMGen

    SIMgen arms the forensic examiner with a tool that will allow the creation of a generic sim card with user configurable IMISI, ICCID and MSISDN. SIMIgen is an invaluable tool when examining mobile phones, presented without the last used SIM card.

    SIM Generator, create a generic SIM card with user defined identity

    This will allow the card details to be generated on a generic SIM such that the mobile can be powered with a SIM that presents its self to the phone with an IMISI, ICCID and MSISDN set by the examiner. No other data is contained in the card and the mobile phone will not authenticate with the network using data from the generated SIM card.

    This product comprises of:
    • a SIM card Programmer
    • Software to operate on a PC running Windows XP
    • A re-programmable SIMGen 2G sim card.
    SIMGen is part of the SIMTools suite of products.