• 3g Forensics

  • SIMulate

    SIMulate arms the forensic examiner with a tool that will recover all available data from a SIM Card under examination and produce a working duplicate for evidence recovery and analysis.

    SIMulate produces a verifiably accurate reconstruction of the data found on the original SIM card.

    SIMulate generates encrypted security hashed files containing operator and case references, before generation of the Duplicate card. Cards produced with SIMulate may be used for data analysis, stored for future reference or passed to third parties as clean reliable copies of the original data. There is no limit to the number of SIMulate duplicates that can be produced from the original card.

    Cards produced with SIMulate can be RE-USED - SIMulate irretrievably erases data on the SIMulate duplicate before writing new data to the card. NO TRACE of original data can be present after this action, due to the unique nature of the SIM writing process used SIMulate.

    SIMulate was designed from ground up as a forensic tool, it should be understood that unlike with hard drives it is not possible to take a direct image of a SIM card - this prevented by the internal structure and security systems of the Silicon and SIM operating systems. SIMmulate reads the SIM payload utilising industry standard procedures - there is no data modification. Recovered data is stored locally in a binary image , with security hashes to prevent tampering. By utilising a proprietary SIM solution, loaded with data from the stored binary image, the SIM card that is produced by SIMulate carries the same payload as the original.

    Under some circumstances a mobile phone equipped with a simulate card may be allowed to camp on a network and successfully make and receive calls and text messages. SIMulate has additional features that allow the examiner to prevent this from happening by obfuscation of certain data, such that the mobile will NOT authenticate with the network using data from the generated SIM card.

    This product comprises of:

    • SIM card Programmer
    • Software to operate on a PC running Windows XP
    • A re-programmable SIMulate 2G sim card.
    SIMulate is part of the SIMTools suite of products.