• 3g Forensics

  • SIMIS Mobile

    SIMIS Mobile, SIM reading on the move.
    The SIMIS Mobile reader allows SIM cards to be read whilst away from the SIMIS software installation. SIMIS Mobile extracts and stores the essential contents of up to 8 GSM SIM cards.

    The SIM card data can viewed via the large 128X64 graphic display, then transferred to real GSM SIM cards,creating a backup of the essential data on a real sim card for reading in any SIM reading application at a later date. Transfer cards can be erased and re-used and additional transfer cards are available as required.

    The mobile unit is palm size, powered by 2 AAA cells, and supplied with 8 data transfer cards (data storage cards). The 64x128 pixel LCD displays an intuitive menu to guide the user through reading, browsing and saving recovered data. Work in the field or covert operation is aided by simple three button operation (excluding PIN entry and on/off). PIN and PUK entry are catered for.