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    Data Recovery

    A prerequisite for the use of SIMIS, is that the SIM card must be functional. A physically damaged, broken or dirty SIM may not function correctly, resulting in the recovery of corrupted data, or no data at all. In the forensic data recovery environment, SIM's will be presented in a variety of different conditions, ranging from good, but lightly soiled, through blood soaked to physically broken.


    3gforensics appreciate the difficulties involved in correctly handling sensitive forensic evidence. The management of external data recovery services and secure shipment of evidential material can become particularly onerous tasks to professional forensic examiners.

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    Reliable, Safe and cost effective DePOT is a powerful blend of solvents designed for the removal of cured epoxy encapsulants. DePOT is not a true solvent for the epoxies, DePOT causes rapid disintegration of epoxy materials.

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    DePot 2

    DePot 2 was developed for removing amine-cured epoxies. It is very effective, biodegradable, and has a versatility that allows it to be used in several applications.

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    NEW DePot 3

    DePot 3 is a natural, water based, non-toxic product, zero VOCís, containing no hazardous ingredients. DePot 3 also offers very low VOC emissions, is non-ozone depleting and is not regulated for transport, storage or health and safety.

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