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    Design Services

    We are capable of developing a wide range of electronic products, with all disciplines required for Turnkey development of Electronic products available in-house:

    • Analog Circuit Design
    • Digital Circuit Design
    • PCB Design & manufacture
    • SMD Pick and place
    • Infra Red Reflow
    • User Interface Design
    • Software Design
    • Firmware & Micro-code Programming
    • Design for EMI & EMC Compliance
    You have a concept for a new product but lack the necessary in-house resources to develop the solution.

    We can take your ideas and by carefully considering your requirements and the technology available, we can design from the ground up through to producing the final product. Both the hardware and the software / firmware aspects can be handled by us allowing tighter controls over specification changes, budget and decrease time to market.

    Our vastly experienced electronic design team have over 150 years of combined experience in their chosen fields and are experienced in working in our organisation team, which dates back to the mid 90's. We understand each other, we understand the technology, we understand that the difficult but essential task, is to listen and understand our clients needs before developing a solution. - Together we can create a solution to meet your exact needs.

    Complete Solutions

    We offer a one-stop solution for product development, including small to medium quantity in-house manufacture. We sue in-house PCB manufacturing and EMC test equipment to allow fast-track prototype services, we use the latest CAD/CAM software for PCB design and we have our own PIC and Place equipment for prototype and production of Surface mount and BGA work.

    We use circuit simulation software to evaluate new designs to reduce prototyping costs and for thorough evaluation of both hardware and firmware before committing to prototype manufacture.

    Hardware design

    We design our own PCB's in-house up to 12 layers using our own prototype PCB manufacturing machine that can typically produce a multilayer PCB in a matter of hours. During the development of a product it is quite common that multiple issues of prototype PCB's are required before finalisation of the design. The manufacture of these PCB's not only causes delays in product "time to market", but also development costs soar as PCB's are manufactured in fast turnarounds.

    We use a a technique known as 'isolation routing' to provide circuit board designs in typically less than an hour. With this technique it is possible to design, 'cut', manufacture and evaluate a PCB in a single day. The reduction in design time afforded by this in house processing, allows new prototypes to be developed and tested very quickly whilst ensuring that they representative of the final product. We carry an array of advanced test equipment to help us evaluate product performance.and if required ensure compliance to defined EMC specifications.

    If required we are able to provide consultancy services for your electronic designs and projects, taking you form concept through to production and deployment.

    Product Design

    Our wealth of knowledge and experience makes us the ideal choice for your product development. You can use us as your bespoke engineering department, offering substantial savings over providing the same facilities in house. Alternatively, our services can be used to supplement existing in house facilities. We are able to develop new products on short timescales, getting your concept into the users hands in the minimum time.

    Custom Designed Solutions For Special Projects

    We specialise in providing custom designed solutions for one-off special projects. Our in-house facilities allow us to provide solutions quickly and cost effectively.

    Enclosure Design

    In addition to electronic design we also provide product enclosure design to complete your overall product development. Our in house capabilities cover a range of technologies or should you require an enclosure design that needs a specialist in this field we can introduce you to some of the industries best designers that we have worked with and can recommend. We are also equally happy to work with an enclosure designer you have already selected.

    Security and Integrity

    Our systems are secure, they're designed to be. Our workforce is small, with an exceptionally low staff turnover, most have been with us for over 10 years. We understand the requirements of the industry that we operate in, we provide levels of service that can be relied upon and integrity that you can depend upon. From the moment of request through to delivery, we can keep a project "in house" to the degree that nothing goes "off site".

    Internally projects are be run on a need to know basis, It is standard practice to firewall clients projects. Pre-Qualified clients are welcome to visit and vet our operation.