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    CSurv M-Tek Product Training

    Course Overview
    CSurv M-Tek is an advanced Network Survey Tool that delivers a comprehensive set of accurate measurements on GSM / PCN / UMTS and 802.11 wireless Networks. This course will introduce the user to CSurv M-Tek showing how to set up and effectively use CSurv M-Tek in various modes. The course will provide technical knowledge of wireless technologies, interpretation of CSurv M-Tek log files and presenting of the resulting data as evidence in court.

    Who should attend?
    This course has been designed for users of CSurv M-Tek who need to be able to collect and present data from mobile/wireless networks in a forensically sound manner.

    Course requirements
    This course is designed for users of CSurv M-Tek. It is an entry level course that does not require previous experience in cell site analysis, however it is desirable that attendees have an understanding of the concepts of cell site analysis in order to fully benefit from this course.

    • Basic Computer Literacy, file management and driver installation.
    • Basic skills in Windows XP and Microsoft Office are required.
    • An understanding of the concept of cell site analysis and basic terminology.
    • Candidates should have access to CSurv equipment.