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    The SIMTools product range incorporates SIMIS - the original SIM Interrogation System, SIMIS - Mobile, SIMulate and SIMGen. This comprehensive range of products facilitates data recovery from GSM SIM and 3G USIM devices and aids third party tools in the recovery of data from mobile phones.

    SIMTools is available as a package, alternatively the individual tools may be purchased and used autonomously. Each of the articles in this section of the web site will introduce you to differing aspects of the tools in the SIMTools package.

    Site Survey

    CSurv M-Tek is an advanced Network Survey Tool that delivers a comprehensive set of accurate measurements on GSM/PCN/UMTS and 802.11 wireless Networks. CSurv is supplied with software tools designed to collect off-air data relating to network coverage.

    The package provides the accurate RF measurements needed for digital investigation or forensic examination, whether in real time or for historical analysis.

    Mobile Signal Analysis

    Developed by Crownhill Associates Limited this type of technology has already been deployed in the product, Fenris.

    Fenris is capable of detecting the distinct fingerprint that a Mobile Phone transmits whilst it is in use.

    Data Recovery

    A prerequisite for the use of SIMIS, is that the SIM card must be functional. A physically damaged, broken or dirty SIM may not function correctly, resulting in the recovery of corrupted data, or no data at all.

    In the forensic data recovery environment, SIM's will be presented in a variety of different conditions, ranging from good, but lightly soiled, through blood soaked to physically broken.

    Covert Equipment

    Tools and Solutions for Covert Operations. If you are looking for encrypted way of sending text messages (SMS), or well hidden Digital Video Recorder, this is the section you should visit.